friday flakes episode five

In this week's episode, we talk about:
+ A Plaid, Plaid world without Darryl.
+ Darryl's replacement, or, Fake Darryl.
+ Delicious Swedish Fish.

We chat about Denny's and their Grand Slam goodness:
+ Denny's delicious giveaway.
+ Did Denny's change their public perception?
+ What is even in a Grand Slam breakfast?

We talk about computer tans vs. real tans:
+ What's computer tan all about?
+ Who at Plaid has been a repeat tanner.

We chat about Google and their new Latitude app:
+ Is it creepy, or cool?
+ How it works, and why you'd use it.
+ Would somebody as boring as Dave even want to use it?


Anonymous said...

Is Sara wearing bright white socks??

Anonymous said...

She's so ridiculously good looking, it doesn't matter if her socks match her outfit.

Anonymous said...

Sara, stop logging in as anonymous and making comments about yourself.

sara said...

David, don't be a hater.

Steve F said...

@iRJ I don't think anyone that regularly eats at Denny's will be "running" to Denny's (or anywhere) any time soon.

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