friday flakes episode eight

Today's Friday Flakes is hosted by David, Justus and Darryl. In this week's episode, we talk about:

+ Gummy week at Plaid
+ Sara's doctor says he hates Plaid
+ The opportunity of a lifetime: your potential job at plaid.

In this week at BrandFlakesForBreakfast, we chat about:
+ Darryl oddly defends Ashton Kutcher as Dave questions his existence
+ How guys look stupid on Facebook (make sure it doesn't happen to you!!)
+ Giving up Facebook for God.

In the World of Social Media, we chat about:
+ How people tweeted the Oscars
+ Obama's State of the Nation that was not a State of the Union but did include an awesome Facebook/CNN mashup.

Since we completely spaced on it last week, we offer two Tips O' the Week:
1. Google's new Google Calendar/iPhone integration
2. Don't say Backslash.

Note: we didn't realize until posting this video, that Justus pretty much just sat on the couch and hung out during the show. (Speak up, Justus!!)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

My son had lyme's disease. It is definitely scary stuff. The medicine is just as scary as the disease

Anonymous said...

Tip of the Week request: Can you guys talk more about RSS feeds? I see them everywhere, but haven't figured out how to use them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome guys!

Darryl was one step away from being the new Chris Crocker... "Leave Aston alone!!"

BTW: Is "ShalerJump" one of the top 20 FB poses? ;-) Crap, that's not even my current profile pic, is it?

darryl ohrt said...

Eric - that's a great idea. We'll chat about RSS next week.

Anonymous said...

Dave needs his own show. That way he can yap all he wants without having to give others a turn.

darryl ohrt said...

Just wanted to point out that I've now been compared to Chris Crocker.

Anonymous said...

You guys are "slash snobs". Nobody likes slash snobs.

Anonymous said...

It's mostly me. Dave got the wrong slash the first time around...

Anonymous said...

Blah...nothing too interesting.

Unknown said...

Darryl- show is looking and sounding much more professional. The green background sets your panel of guests up front! Although this week you guys should turn OFF your cells, blackberry, I phones- getting terrible feed back through the web video! FYI

Hey, how much is the gal friday (/) office bitch job paying??? LOL

My business is lacking, perhaps I need a branding campaign via Plaid!?


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