free breakfast a grand slam for dennys

AdAge has a nice write up on the Dennys promotion that gave free Grand Slam breakfasts to 2 million people across the country yesterday.

A premium that cost them a reported $5 million, and has left a lasting impression on a country of hungry people. That's less than $3 per person served. A grand idea to get people in the doors, change perception of what Dennys might be, and swim in a delicious plate of PR. Mmmmmm. Bacon.


Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, this experiment in guerilla marketing really "paid off" for

Anonymous said...

I think it’s a better example of direct response.

Stephanie said...

We heard about this deal at work and a bunch of folks headed to the Denny's across the street. It definitely took business away from the downstairs deli that we usually go to.

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