films using the internet for fun and profit

Some people in Hollywood are really starting to get it. There's a couple of new films that have totally harnessed the power of the internets to produce as much online entertainment as on the screen.

Coraline should be written as the new case study in blogger outreach and online promotion. If their blogger boxes weren't enough...there's the Bobinsky blog (Thanks, Liz!) And the Bobinsky calls your friends site. Or see your name in mice.

And there's the new Terminator movie. They've already launched the site for Skynet Research (thanks, Michael!) and the movie hasn't even finished shooting!

What's working:
+ Building buzz looong in advance of release
+ Multiple online properties (one microsite is no longer a healthy promotion)
+ Giving people the tools to use things in their own way
+ Specific promotions geared to the multiple audiences

How could you do the same with your brand?

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Anonymous said...

The Coraline campaign was fantastic! ( I think the key is, like you said, multiple smaller properties spread out over a number of different channels. You can't just make one big microsite and use banners to drive all of your traffic there. You need to meet people in their preferred location and give them content that has value.

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