every website should have a knob like this.

(This is really just a lazy excuse to post about the Beastie Boys on BrandFlakes.)

Check out the Beastie Boys site for the re-release of Paul's Boutique - it's got a volume knob. Only it doesn't control the volume - but instead controls the amount of stuff on the page.

I want this for CNN, with preferences that allow me to tune out stuff that's not within my interests. Genius.


Ben Kunz said...

What I really want is a knob on web sites that allows me to control my modality. So if I go to Amazon, I can be in "dad" mode shopping for kids, "husband" mode shopping for wife, "business" mode shopping for biz books, or "wild guy on the weekend" which I can't really talk about.

That way recommendations from such sites would make more sense.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Reminds me of the Sprint widget campaign: http://now.sprint.com/widget/

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