you can be a social media superstar!!

Ummm. Be careful of carpet baggers. The coaching and event speaking industry is about to unleash an army of social media "experts" on the corporate world, to teach the masses how to make mega-profits with social media.

Marketing Community Resource is offering a social media course that will leave you "CERTIFIED" in social media. Ahem. There are sooo many things wrong with this picture. (As of this morning, it looks like their site has been hacked, or they've been awoken by a social media crapstorm, and taken it down)

"Certified?" By who? Trained in a handy multi-week course? Puhleeze. Beth Harte said it perfectly in her post at The Harte of Marketing.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as being CERTIFIED in social media. If you're looking to get your feet wet with social media, jump in. Get your feet wet. Or bring in a consultant who has actually participated in the social media sphere. For years. Not certified. But experienced.

Then I suggest you get a badge. That's what I did, above. I'm going to call myself a Social Media Officer from now on. And I'll flash the badge prior to any meetings. You should do the same. We'll start a force. And maybe we'll create a 12 week course.


Dirk Lemon said...

A 12 week course? I'll short circuit that process and start selling MA in Social Media expertness degrees online.

I'll pick up tips from the online priesthood and Phd sellers

Anonymous said...

Perfect for when that bounty hunter course is done.

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