a website for every bodega in nyc

Jeff Sisson has created a site devoted to documenting every single bodega in NYC. You can search by neighborhood, by name and even comment on individual Bodegas.

He's bringing the corner grocery industry into the digital age in his spare time, with the help of friends. That is social media.

(Ohhh, the things that I want to say about our corner bodega. We could use this in our hood.) From Gothamist.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently people in NY just love to document things! A guy took a photo of every street corner in Manhattan: http://www.didntyouhear.com/2008/12/17/its-website-wednesday-the-manhattan-street-corners/ and now this.

Seperately, this does mirror Chris Brogan's idea of Cafe-Shaped Businesses and how they can use social media to get the word out. If this site added in a forum, user reviews, etc, you'd create an entire site filled with local targeted mini-networks.

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