super niche advertising: brought to your office by hand

This is a super cool concept, with a seemingly cumbersome delivery. To promote Bring Your Kids to Work day, BBDO New York produced acetate sheets with kids scribble on them, and talked security into unlocking 500 offices so they could place them on people's computers in the dark of night.

Workers walked in the next morning thinking that the bosses' brat had vandalized their monitor, and instead see the headline on the piece: “Bring your kids to work day.”


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how much of this project was intended to advertise for their Bring Your Kids to Work Day, and how much was designed to be leaked to advertise for BBDO NY...

Anonymous said...

I hate kids, i hate ppl that bring their devil spawns to work >_<

unless they give me moneis ofcourse :)

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