pullers: a lost opportunity at the grocery store

This is Herd points to a really interesting discovery by the grocery industry. Something as a consumer, you're probably already aware of.

The impulse product at the register accounts for about 1% of all grocery sales. And it turns out that about 74% of us pull our shopping carts into the register, rather than push - which means we miss the opportunity to buy these products.

As Dirk points out, retailers could probably increase sales by better merchandising the product to the "trolley" pullers rather than the pushers. (Oh yeah - and it's funny that in England the call them trolleys.)

Coworkers Matt and Justus contemplate a kingdom where there are no shopping carts. That's what people do when they sit in big king-like chairs.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure my kids account for at least 50% of the 1% of the "at the register" sales -- they don't pull or push, they just consume. Would love it if the check out lane was walled with caged porcupines.

Seriously their selections have included a mini LED flashlight, a pocket sewing kit, and female deer urine. (last one wasn't at the grocery store, but makes me giggle)

Dirk Lemon said...

And just for that I am sending you guys a shopping TROLLEY: http://bit.ly/YiLR

darryl ohrt said...

Dirk: That trolley thing is ridiculous. Is that what you ride to work each morning?

Dirk Lemon said...

What do you mean? It's not only colourful and practical, it is environmentally friendly as well.

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