pepsi: not the real thing?

AdFreak reports that the Pepsi spot with all of the beautiful Hollywood types looks very much like a production that Greg Olliver created, called Farewell Mr. President. Greg Olliver is a little more direct and says that "it appears to be a complete rip-off of my idea."

Regardless, the Farewell version is so much more entertaining. But maybe that's because we're all filled with angst and attitude.


norm magnusson said...

Oh please. This idea's been done to death for decades. Greg Olliver's piece is lovely but hardly breaks any new ground. If he thinks it's a complete rip-off, he must have been living in a box right up until the time he made his film.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Nobody even saw the Greg Olliver piece until he started claiming that R/GA stole his work. Which is ballsy to say the least, considering the idea of an open letter to the president has been around as long as the presidency. Nice try, this just makes you look like a douche.

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