oh no...another social network.

We're exploring another new social network site - SecondBrain, after getting turned onto it by Dirk from Cow and the Caffeine Goddess.

We have no idea how it's best used, what it's most awesome features are, or if it will become a part of our daily routine or not...as we're really just digging in ourselves. So far, we like the look, the functionality and what we're thinking may be possible.

Are you a user?


RFB said...

With a "beta 2" subscript.

2, no less.


Gone in 60 days.

Ben Kunz said...

All I can say is the woman on your landing page looked a lot different than the people on my page. I need to friend your friends.

Anonymous said...

So then you’re saying Ben, hot chicks don’t use Second Brain?

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