a list of ad industry tweeters

I can't stand Twitter lists or rankings. And once you're knee deep in tweets you'll understand that they're typically worthless. The value of Twitter is all in the quality and relationships of the people you follow. Not a number.

That said, one of the questions we always hear from new Twitter friends is "how do I find good people to follow?"

Armando Alves has attempted to create a ranking of the Twitter users who also have Advertising Age Power 150 blogs (a list we're proud to be on). Armado calls his list the Twitter Power 150 (we just cracked the top 100 of this list, too).

Use this list as a starting point to find people that interest you. You've already got one thing in common: an interest in the ad industry.

Thanks, Todd (who by the way, is a hilariously fun person to follow.)


tinku said...

This is only a good list if you are interested in following ad/mktg people. Why not expand your horizons & follow people from other domains? Use Twitter Search to look up keywords that relate to your areas of interest and you'll find a lot of non-"power" people that have interesting Tweets.


darryl ohrt said...

YES. What Tinku said, times TEN.

tinku said...

p.s. That first comment was not meant to be a put down -- this is a good list of ad folk :) Just thought I'd offer some other ways of finding new Twitter folks.

--Polite Canadian a.k.a @tinkugallery

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