how to make boring products exciting.

Imagine that you sell seeds. Yeah. Seeds. Ugly little pieces of stuff that one day will turn into beautious flowers and vegetables. But right now, their seeds. How do you make seeds wonderful?

It's a rare occurrence that you're blown away by direct mail these days. But every once in a while, somebody comes along and shows you how it's done. This week, that brand is the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed company.

Their direct mail catalog is nothing short of beautiful. It's oversized, so it feels special, and invites reading. It's stuffed with glorious photography of what you can grow from seeds (my crappy iphone photo above does nothing even near to the justice deserved.) There's also some spectacular shots of gardeners of every variety.

So how to you make boring exciting? Fantastic design. Nice job.

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Anonymous said...

There are several seed/plant companies that do this extremely well, we tend to call them plant porn. It's a happy day for me when they start arriving in my mailbox in the middle of winter.

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