get your customers drunk and they'll say nice things

How many times have you been producing new content for your site, your sales collateral, or your parole hearing and you just needed a handful of testimonials saying how great you/your company/your brand are?

Instead of having the copywriter craft something just perfect (and fake) that your client then gives you permission to use - why not throw a testimonial party?

Duct Tape Marketing points to an outstanding idea for gathering compliments about your brand. A Testimonial Gathering Party. This is a grand idea for so many small to mid-size businesses.

Clients spread across the world? No problem. Throw the party at your next industry conference. What a great excuse to get everyone together, get them all drunk, and to agree on the best thing to ever exist in the entire world: you.

(photo from the Plaid tour - at a stop in Silicon Valley, where we bought a bunch of tech/social media geeks some tasty beer)


Unknown said...

Darryl - I represent the fact that you are implying I said get them drunk!

darryl ohrt said...

Haha! But of course...isn't everything better when you add beer?

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