what kind of jeans are you wearing?

This is Herd points to an interesting study that classifies two forms of personality measurement - avoidance and anxiety. Depending on how you fit into either category, you'll react to brands differently.

They've cited the jeans that people choose as an example:
"Anxious individuals who were more avoidant of relationships tended to choose Abercrombie jeans, which were perceived to be more exciting than sincere. In contrast, anxious individuals who seek intimacy in relationships were more likely to pick Gap jeans, which were perceived as more sincere than exciting."

This is some interesting reading, and further proof that your sociology classes have more to do with branding than any advertising class. Coworker Justus contemplates this information, above.

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Anonymous said...

So does this mean that as our preferences in jeans evolves, so does the way we approach our relationships?

Or more logically, as our relationships change, so does our taste in fashion and how we present ourselves.

Interesting stuff.

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