this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most lame creative agency:

Lame? What you say? Isn't Plaid the most awesome creative agency ever to grace the earth with ideas? Well yes - but this week we made a stupid mistake: we forgot Steph's birthday.

Birthday's at Plaid are important, because it's a time to have cake. And everyone at Plaid loves sugary goodness. So it wouldn't seem possible that we could overlook someone's birthday. But we did. A stupid mistake, and a paper calendar were involved. Further proof that everything should be interactive.

We made up for our blunder with a cake and some Hawaiian looking flowers. (Steph's a surfing tiki goddess, so her heart is in Hawaii.)

This has been a massively out of our heads crazy week. Only days are left in 2008, and we're working feverishly to make the best of them.

Reuters picked up on a story about a site that we produced for Umphrey's McGee! More proof of our awesomeness by people who should know.

Justus and I got to got to attend a special surprise birthday celebration for a client and friend, Martin Stein. This was a pretty special birthday, as he's now cancer free. Woohoo Martin. Way to kick cancer's ass!

Separately - if you'd like to see Martin and his team, check out their holiday video (more on this later): RMI Extreme Caroling.

We've mailed our holiday greeting cards to clients and friends (we'll publish a link to the interactive portion next week). Let's just say that it's naughty.

This weekend Plaidsters will be doing a little bit of catch up, and a little bit of rest for a wonderously crazified week. You should spend it shopping, or browsing through the BrandFlakes Gift Guide.


sara said...

You guys have to stop making fun of my paper calendar. It has helped provide sugary goodness on each of your birthdays, and it saved the day when your facebook notifications pulled the ultimate FAIL. Sara's calendar:5 Internet:0 Awwww yeah. ;)

Giuli said...

So glad This Week at Plaid is back!

And Happy B-day Steph!

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