this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most sugartastic creative agency:

The December sugarfestival has begun. It officially kicks off with my birthday, continues with client and vendor gifts, and culminates on the most important day of the entire year - ElizaFest (more on that, in a later post).

This week saw my birthday cake delivered by a special bunny who turned out to be coworker Sara, making a special appearance from sick leave. We were more stoked to see Sara than we were about getting yummy cake, which says a LOT in our office.

We officially launched the Brand Flakes for Breakfast Gift Guide. This has become an annual tradition where we share creative and fun gift ideas for the most difficult people to shop for: snotty, snarky, creative types. (Actually, we just post a bunch of stuff that we'd all really like to get for Xmas, and it works out great for everyone.) Now in its third year!

We had several video shoots this week - some for clients, and one that will end up being used for our agency holiday greeting card. We'll share all, when it's live.

Haircuts this week: Darryl, Chris, David.

There are now only about 12 work days left in the year, so we're all scrambling to get projects completed, meet deadlines and prepare for a long winter nap at the end of it all. We're busier than we've ever been, which is pretty awesome.

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