something fun for you to do today

Some pranksters in England put up signs around Nottingham, stating "Public urination permitted after 7:30pm." The campaign was actually put in place by activists trying to raise attention about the growing problem of urban crap that city dwellers have to deal with.

Still, it's hilarious. And why shouldn't you join in on the action? Think of the fun you could have in your own office, with similar prank signs. Here's a few ideas, to get you started:

+ Everything in the fridge is free for the taking, after 1pm.
+ This copy machine reserved for nude and artful copymaking only.
+ Please shout "howdy!" before entering, for your safety.
+ Conference room reserved for dance party, 3pm - 5pm.


Unknown said...

"Sen. Larry E. Craig Memorial Bathroom Stall"

Anonymous said...

Blue pens for left-handed writers only.

darryl ohrt said...

This chair for racing only.

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