seven things you didn't know about me.

Ryan Kuder just tagged me in a meme called Seven Things. You need to share 7 things about yourself, and then ask 7 people to do the same. So here goes:

1. I know how to shoot a gun. I grew up in Texas, and even shot an armadillo once (photo above, if you don't believe me.) Today I don't even eat beef, which I'm pretty sure my cattle ranching relatives might freak, if they knew.

2. My first job was delivering papers for the Chicago Tribune. I woke up at 4 in the morning, got on my ultra cool chopper bike, and pedaled newspapers through a subdivision in Bloomingdale, IL. Got pretty good at riding and throwing, although I once threw a paper through a customer's front window.

3. I rode in a rental car down that famous hairpin turn road in Monte Carlo, during an actual auto road race. It looked exactly like what I now know as the Monte Carlo Rally, and it did take place in January, so who knows. This wasn't a planned adventure - just a handful of dumb Americans who couldn't read the French road signs that probably said something like "Road closed for Monte Carlo Rally." We got some pretty funny looks at the finish line. To this day, I'm really not quite sure how the whole thing happened.

4. I'm accident prone. I've nearly lost a couple of fingers, an eye, and suffered a bunch of other hilarious injuries, mostly as the result of stupid activities. For this reason, I do not own a chain saw.

5. I've never been fired, arrested or beaten to a pulp. I've come very close on many occasions but somehow always draw the line in the nick of time. I should probably have at least one of these experiences sometime in the near future. (Taking risks is a requirement in our profession.)

5a. I once pissed on the Pentagon. Pretty sure you'd get killed for that today. This was during the height of the punk rock years. Beer was involved. (Figured this fact belongs as a sub-set to fact #5.)

6. I've lived in at least two haunted houses. One as a kid, and another just a few years ago.

7. The Elegant Universe is one of my favorite books. I have this thing for super string theory and theoretical physics. I'm not smart enough to actually understand the majority of it, but I'm blown away by the possibilities. Outside of business, internet, fashion or pop culture, that's my favorite content to read.

Ok, so now it's your turn. Here's who I choose to share 7 things next:

Ben Kunz
Bill Green
Brad J Ward
Charlie Wollborg
Dirk Singer
Garret Ohm
The Girl Riot

(I was also going to tag Todd Sanders, but Barbara Nixon beat me to it.)


Anonymous said...

The following isn't the most fluid of comments, but many of your things rang true, so I thought I'd add my thoughts/ideas:

1. I think everyone should at least shoot a gun once in their life to learn that it's nothing to be afraid of. Nice armadillo BTW!

2. Getting a job as a kid is a great way to learn the value of money! I too was a paperboy (I think I was 15 at the time since they had a minimum age to become one!) and it taught me a lot about the value of hard work.

3. That sounds like the best story ever! Having watched the Monte Carlo rally on TV, I can only imagine what that must have looked/felt/been like.

4. Everyone's got to take at least a few good bumps and falls to test out what your body's capable of. I almost lost an eye in a mountain biking accident, and it definitely made me appreciate my sight!

Anonymous said...

If you asked me to name which of my friends had ever shot an armadillo, "Darryl Ohrt" would have been very low on my list. In other news, I did run over one in my truck driving down an interstate in Louisiana at 3am once. Sounded like I ran over a brick.

darryl ohrt said...

Armadillos, FTW!

I should have added - I was almost named "armour". Geez. My life could have REALLY sucked with a name like that in the suburbs of Chicago.

Cory - I totally attribute my paper route to my entrepreneurial spirit. A business dude since my tweens.

Ryan - yes, I've evolved just a bit from my Texas heritage...but there's one word in my vocab that I still pronounce like a Texan: Ceeement. (And seriously, thanks for the tag - this prompted a nice trip down memory lane.)

Anonymous said...

Posted. ;-p

Aparna said...

really interesting post, thanks darryl

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