people only pay attention for 60 seconds

This is a few days old now, so in internet time this is like 436 year old information - but Dirk and Ben have pointed to some really good studies about video viewership. Like how about 1 in 10 viewers leave a web video after 10 seconds, and 54% quit after a minute.

People are bored. And they're moving on. If you haven't already tuned out, you can use the graph above in the PowerPoint presentation convincing your boss that you don't need a 20 minute long sales video.


Helge Tennø said...

I'm not convinced. This graph is like putting your head in the oven and your feet in a bucket of ice water - and then measuring the temperature in the middle.

It reminds me of the 30-second TV-ad discussion. It's got nothing to do with length or time, it has got everything to do with quality.

In addition, this research, recently released by Microsoft, points to the fact that web video content isn't short videos any more - any format or length that's viewed as valuable is consumed:

So my opinion is:
Don't blame it on time, blame it on lack of quality and value :o)


Anonymous said...

Well, I made it through the 2 paragraphs... ;-)

And I would have to agree with the above comment that quality has everything to do with it.

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