do people buy ipods from vending machines?

BrandFlakes friend Grant asks a pretty reasonable question: why would you need to buy an iPod from a vending machine in an airport?

An iPod is pretty much useless at the moment of purchase - and until fully charged, and choked with music, it really has no practical use. So - why iPod vending machines in airports? Is it to brand BestBuy as a source for iPods?

Ever curious, I reached out to Barry Judge, BestBuy's Chief Marketing Officer (which is easy to do, thanks to Twitter).

In reality - the vending machines have many items that you could actually use, if you forget them at home - headsets, Flip video cameras, and other items. Barry Judge calls the machines "generation one," and believes that they can help to build the brand. He also believes that there's business there.

What about you? Have you ever spent money in an airport gadget vending machine?


Kevin Dugan said...

I bought some iPod accessories I needed via a Macy's vending machine simply because I wanted to experience the vending purchase. The machine's make sense to me, especially for lower price point items like accessories.

Anonymous said...

I have bought headphones at airports before when I forget them. Given the overpriced crap most stores sell, I would welcome a Best Buy machine with Best Buy prices.

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