david lynch does gucci

I was just chatting about the wonderment of Eraserhead with a client yesterday, so it was a welcome and weird coincidence to discover some new David Lynch work. Only this time, it's a television ad for...Gucci.

Hearing Heart of Glass is kind of fresh, but it's still no Diesel meat puppet. I guess we still love it for that sweet Lynchalicious cinematography.


RFB said...

We're challenged at work right now to present a very high-end product in a new and better way, so I forwarded this video to some of my co-workers:

An exchange:

Me: A good example of how you can do the high-end luxury stuff in a different – even fun style.

Another writer: I like the look and music, but I think it’s way too long and not enough of a storyline for my taste. That would be a cool way to present [our client] though.

Me: If you asked Lynch about the storyline, he’d say, “The girls are all vampires, as if that wasn’t obvious. The city aerial shots should have clued you into that. If I have to tell you the rest, then what is the point of the work and why do we even EXIST?”

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! Lynch is quietly creating a decades-old collection of really interesting visual work on brands via tv. They're not easy to find.

I remember one Alka-seltzer spot years ago where he did some faces montages like these with clouds as people got relief from the product. A lot of his work you don't even notice until it's pointed out.

Thanks again!

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