compressed chicken parts surrounded by a deep fried crust. mmmmn nuggnuts.

By now, you've probably seen the new campaign for McD's chicken nuggets. If you haven't already peeked at the campaign site, it's worthy of a visit. Probably some of the freshest creative that McDonalds has seen in a very, very long time. I like the Nuggnut pledge.'s still just compressed chicken parts with a crust, right?

Megan Severs from McD's PR firm writes us to say:
I wanted to let you know that McDonald’s actually recently gave consumers a behind the scenes look at how McNuggets are made - from farm to fork. You can watch a video of their tour and read what they had to say about the quality of the chicken in McNuggets after witnessing the process first-hand

Thanks, Megan!


R.J. said...

I had me some nuggets last night...mmmm

Giuli said...

Aren't Kevin and Dave the Nugget experts?

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