bringing whoppers to the world's whopper virgins

The work that Crispin Porter Bogusky has produced for Burger King has been nothing short of astounding. They're about to unleash yet another promotional feat - Whopper Virgins.

Equally impressive is to see that Stacy Peralta is involved. Here's a guy who was a legend in the skateboard industry, and has now reinvented himself with career number two: film producer.

So get a nice, warm Whopper in your hand and curl up in front of your monitor. Only a few days until Whopper Virgins is released.


Anonymous said...

The most disgusting product to come out of fast food is no longer the food, it's this campaign.

twilight@morningside said...

Introducing ‘virgin’ indigenous diets to American fast food for the purpose of increasing burger sales? Wow BK- that is incredibly tasteless.

Anonymous said...

this was the dumbest idea EVER!!!who wouuld do this to a completly unspoiled culture?

Unknown said...

Yuck - American ignorance goes to a whole new level.

Anonymous said...

Go Elf yourself Whopper Virgin!

Anonymous said...

There’s a funny blog on on the Whopper Virgins commercial.

It ties it into Noam Chomsky and how the indigenous people on the commercials will most likely be forced to move to big cities when the fast food chains move in, and have to work for Burger King for a tenth of what American’s make.

Check it out here:

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