b2b: fun for the holidays, too.

I hear business-to-business leaders complain all the time that they can't have fun with their marketing. Locked in a world where they pretend their audience is non-human, has no sense of humor, and convinced the only message delivery vehicles are pages and pages of boring copy. (And PowerPoint decks.)

So it's energizing to have a client with a business to business audience that LOVES to have fun. And isn't afraid to share that in their marketing collateral. Check out the video that we produced for RMI Direct Marketing, as their holiday greeting.

Their clients get to know them better, feel like they're a bunch of fun to work with, and yes - enjoy a sense of humor. (And they can act, too!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this video. I linked to it in my post about B2B Holiday Marketing. More B2B marketers do need to have more fun and stretch the bounds of what they are willing to try. It would be great if you can share any metrics of success of this campaign.

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