this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the greatest agency in all of the land:

We started the week in Orlando, where Plaidsters from the CT office met to discuss our plans for 2009. Loads and loads of really great ideas and schemes to change the world.

While engrossed in a meeting at a park in Orlando, (no, really - we did work there), we were absolutely totally punk'd by none other than JetPacks Dave. Keep in mind that while we've worked with Dave, and read his blog religiously, we had no idea what he looked like. He got us good. See the entire episode unfold in the video above. Hilarious.

Later in the same day we made way to the Magic Kingdom, where we met up with long time internet friend Casey Paquet and his girlie girl Summer. After showing us all of the Disney secrets and treating us to the best fireworks show from the roof of the Contemporary hotel, Casey introduced us to a super fun brain game (he'll be launching a site soon that explains it all). A game so good that it completely kills all conversation. Here's a video clip of Plaidsters trying their best to think hard.

We jumped into the week with loads of work, a couple of photo shoots, a couple of video shoots, and plenty of creative goodness.

This weekend will bring some long sleeping nights and loads of rest as Plaid employees prepare for the hellacious project finishing 2.5 work day week ahead. (It's too cold here to do anything else.)

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