stop checking your email. right now.

You've read all of the productivity books, and subscribed to the work efficiency theories. So you know it's a bad idea to let your inbox control your every moment of every day. And yet it's got a hold of you, like heroin. Or a good chocolate chip cookie.

Thankfully, you can let go. Because Jared and his team of super geniuses have created a wonderful new tool. AwayFind. The video above explains exactly how it works better than I could ever write in a sentence here.

We met Jared at SXSW last year, and were immediately impressed. We just hope that he remembers us when Google buys his new product for 86 katrillion dollars.

1 comment:

Jared Goralnick said...

Thanks, Darryl! Your analogy to good cookies and, um, heroin...that just made my day :-).

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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