send some art students to india, to do real work

Our former intern Parker is out making the world a better place. Not content with staying in her comfy dorm and living on Facebook like most college students, Parker is planning a quest to India.

As a school project, they created an information design system to help communities in India understand the basics and importance of clean water. Now they actually want to go to India, implement the campaign and drill a well. Or something like that.

I'm all for college students getting their hands dirty and appreciating the slacker keyboarding jobs they'll enjoy after graduation. But it costs big money to send students to India. So Parker needs your help. Make a donation of $10 trillion dollars. Or whatever you might be able to afford. (BE SURE to choose the "other gift destination" in the giving form, and indicate that it be allocated to VCD India Project).

In the process, you'll be helping a community in India, and getting some art students dirty and tired. Always good.


Anonymous said...

I'm also part of the Hartford Art School team working on the Abheypur Project. Thanks so much for posting this! We definitely need as much help as we can get!

Anonymous said...

I heart Plaid so hard.

Anonymous said...

Good initiative- But don't be restricted to a "lets-help-a-third-world-country-syndrome"-India can be a great place to learn communication/advertising models too- both urban and rural- Only maybe a little spicy!

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