pr students: everything you need to know

Twitter buddy Brad Ward is speaking to a bunch of college PR students. So naturally, he sent a tweet asking:

"HEY!!!! If you had 133 characters to tell a class of PR college students something, what would it be? Tag it #jr342. Thanks!! And retweet."

The results are pretty amazing. Tweets from across the globe came in within a matter of hours, with wise advice that couldn't possibly be duplicated in any textbook, professor's lecture or general internet search. Students: bookmark this, and refer back to it, often.

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At 1:39 PM, Anonymous violet said...
Thank you for posting this Darryl. It's very helpful to those who are new to the PR space.  
At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Joe said...
Two I liked:

"If you communicate well, you shouldn't be saying 'please' or asking for favors too often. The people you pitch to will."

"Play nice... karma is your friend."
At 9:41 AM, Blogger Bradjward said...
Awesome, appreciate the shoutout. If anyone is interested, the presentation slides and video from the class can be found at It was a great class and we were able to tie a bunch of these responses in to the POST method of Groundswell. It's near the last 10 minutes of the video.  
At 5:02 PM, Anonymous Bill Baker said...
Great post. I would have added to the Twitter list: "Hire a really smart PR firm and pay them an un-Godly amount of money."

But I may be biased.

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