pr students: everything you need to know

Twitter buddy Brad Ward is speaking to a bunch of college PR students. So naturally, he sent a tweet asking:

"HEY!!!! If you had 133 characters to tell a class of PR college students something, what would it be? Tag it #jr342. Thanks!! And retweet."

The results are pretty amazing. Tweets from across the globe came in within a matter of hours, with wise advice that couldn't possibly be duplicated in any textbook, professor's lecture or general internet search. Students: bookmark this, and refer back to it, often.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this Darryl. It's very helpful to those who are new to the PR space.

Anonymous said...

Two I liked:

"If you communicate well, you shouldn't be saying 'please' or asking for favors too often. The people you pitch to will."

"Play nice... karma is your friend."

Bradjward said...

Awesome, appreciate the shoutout. If anyone is interested, the presentation slides and video from the class can be found at It was a great class and we were able to tie a bunch of these responses in to the POST method of Groundswell. It's near the last 10 minutes of the video.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I would have added to the Twitter list: "Hire a really smart PR firm and pay them an un-Godly amount of money."

But I may be biased.

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