let's reinvent television, ok?

Super nice guy/boy genius - Brian Shaler has been working on a pretty awesome project.

BitGravity just released the killerest video application that allows up to six different synchronized high definition video streams at once. Viewers can switch between views, and the audio is synchronized.

Ohhhhh, the possibilities. We could produce magnificently creative wonder productions that will make you look at your tv and laugh out loud, saying "one screen?? Puhleeze."

Watch a demo here. We're chomping at the bit to produce for this, and can't wait to see it in action.


Ben Kunz said...

I so want this. I'm certain that I can watch two movies and three news channels while simultaneously tweeting updates and checking my phone for email. Really.

Anonymous said...

This must be somewhere in Socal. Looks like a good place to watch for waves while doing other things. Nice work on the constant streaming this would be nice to add to my car so I can avoid side swiping someone.


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