how to sell product in the music industry

We try to keep self promotion to a minimum on BrandFlakes, but we've been a part of something that we're super proud of.

We've produced a pre-release site for the new Umphrey's McGee record, Mantis. What's the big deal? Umphrey's are doing something absolutely and totally legendary.

The music business is imploding. Artists and labels for the most part haven't given fans any good reason to buy a compact disc. While the rest of the industry is weeping, suing their fans, and pointing fingers - Umphrey's McGee decided to do something. Mavericky.

If you pre-order their new release Mantis, you'll not only receive the CD - but loads and loads of bonus content. And we're not talking about a free extra track. Alternate studio recordings. Never before released historic recordings. Remixes. Experiments.

Even better - the more fans that buy the release, the more bonus content Umphrey's will unleash. Everyone who buys gets EVERYTHING that's been unlocked on release day. If that weren't enough, the CD will also unlock additional material throughout 2009, when placed in your computer.

So pay attention, music's how Umphrey's has reinvented the business:
+ They've provided content (a product) that fans can't get or download elsewhere.
+ They've motivated their fans to promote the product, because the more product sold, the better it gets for everyone.
+ They've listened to their fans and created a product, an experience and a place where they want to be.

Results? Sales are through the roof. Fans are raving, complimenting and thanking the band.

So HOORAY for Umphrey's McGee. (And the best creative agency in all of the land that helped make it all possible.)

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DesignWorksGarage said...

I'm so Jealous!!!!!!!!! Dammit!

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