the cool bloggers have camera eyes

An artist in San Francisco who lost her eye a few years ago has put out a call to engineers to help design a new camera eye replacement. She's working with her doctor, and has some pretty aggressive specs/requirements for the camera eye.

Soon, everyone will have them, and will be streaming live. Maybe your coworkers already have them. Or that lady at Starbucks this morning. They're watching. Recording. And blogging.

1 comment:

RFB said...

I had a screenplay in mind based on this idea a few years back. Everyone's POV is accessible on the Internet if you know their SSN. Crime is reduced, cheating, etc. And back alley eye-transplants are commonplace. Then Minority Report came out and I was all, "Hey! They stole my idea!"

It was going to be called "What You See." Maybe it's not too late to flesh out that script.

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