company wikis: document culture for employees past and present.

Ann Handley from Marketing Profs has a beautious blog post about some of the fantastic stuff that happens in life, that many of us take for granted. But that's not even the great part.

As in most of Ann's posts - the community is deep and the comments are insightful. There's a treasure in one particular comment from Mike Volpe at HubSpot. (Go here - and scroll down to his comment.)

Mike works in a company where they value their culture and work environment. They have fun goofing on and pranking their coworkers. (One prank even has it's own website, for germaphobe Jonah.) And they've setup a private COMPANY WIKI to document the company's culture.

This is GENIUS. Forget employee manuals. What new employees really need to know are the inside jokes, the internal lingo, and the history behind these important items. Like at our firm - why the corner bodega is called "triple B" instead of it's given name. Or where the Harry Dick building is (pictured above). Or the trillion other little things that make up a company's culture.

A wiki will also serve as a historical reference for those that have left the company. Wouldn't you love to have that for some of the places in your past?

Awesome goodness from a wonderful post. Thanks, Ann and Mike!


Anonymous said...


Mike's comment struck me as well. The wiki Mike describes really gets to the heart of schooling newer folks in company culture -- not just policies or procedures or blah blah blah -- and I bet goes a long way toward loyalty and just plain happiness on the job!

Thanks for the shout.

Mike Volpe - HubSpot said...

The cultural wiki has been one of those things that you start, and then 3 months later you realize how cool an idea it was - intelligence by hindsight.

I started it as a Google Doc before we even had a Wiki, and it became popular enoguh that when we launched our internal wiki we move it and it is now one of our most popular pages.

Anonymous said...

We should really consider moving to the Harry Dick building when our lease runs out.

Anonymous said...

Culture from my standpoint is what actions people take and the underlying reasons for those things. I'm not sure culture is just a set of labels and words. Culture is inevitably set early on by the founding team and is thus established by example.

Giuli said...

Don't forget about gor-GON-zola. I can't say it correctly anymore.

Taylor Bara said...

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Salvador said...

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