books: buy them for the covers

Apparently there are still stores filled with paper-based books. And at least one publisher has a cool idea on motivating people to purchase the versions that don't go into your iPod.

What are they doing? Awesome cover design. Redesigns. That's right - design is the differentiation, here. Orange Elements Insights points to White’s Books - who has redesigned the covers of some classic literary works by authors such as Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte and Robert Louis Stevenson.

Now you can buy them again, fall in love with them again, give them as gifts or even READ them for the first time. And you can do so looking all stylish with the sweet new cover designs.

(You, sitting on the train, looking at the passenger next to you, and pointing to his iPod: "They still make those things? Pffft.")

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