window shopping: now fun online, too

Amazon just launched a pretty sweet new experiment - window shopping. Scroll around and sample books, games, music and more. When they launch this for sneakers, there will be shopping to do. From Gizmodo.


dr3d said...

At you can find a 3D Bookstore, 3D toystore, several 3D art and poster stores, a 3D tshirt store (2 floors), and a 3D Flickr Gallery (just for fun) that are more immersive than Amazon’s WindowShop

Anonymous said...

dr3d aside from spamming forums with your site, I would say no to the Quake version of shopping. Really lame. Except the original Quake had better graphics!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I haven't thought about Wolfenstein 3D in a long time... Thanks dr3d for wasting 3 min of my life with the preload.

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