what happens to obama art, if he wins?

Obama has inspired obamaloads of work from independent artists. So, what happens if he wins?

If he loses the election, his art will live on as a remembrance of what could have been. Hope that didn't manifest itself. The art would retain all of the emotional value that it holds today.

But what if he wins? Six months, twelve months into his term - will people still view his artwork as the inspiration that it is today? JFK crossed into the pop culture icon territory. While he was President. Families proudly hung his photo in their homes.

So...if you're hanging a Hope poster in your apartment today, would it still hang a year from now if Obama is President? Is it possible for a President to cross over to pop culture icon...again?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well yes man, cause if he isnt a good president the Hope that didnt manifest itself (Expectations that HE WAS GOING TO BE) will still prevail ;)

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