want cool business cards? forget your design firm.

This is the the second best business card in the business. (Brian Shaler keeps the number one spot for best card ever.)

Joe Rib created his new cards with Wordle. And in a glance, you know everything you need to know about Joe.

Here's the thing: Anyone can have fancy designerish business cards. Because even the boring people now hire designers to create their cards. And quite frankly, they all blend in. And a business card isn't about blending in.

What's really cool? Both Brian and Joe's cards didn't require a design firm or ad agency. Yet they say more about the individual than any uber designed card could ever do.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't go all crazy now...Just kidding, those are BADASS.

Unknown said...

Nice find!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Darryl!

Plasticprinters said...

kinda crazy there buddy!

Unknown said...

Seems like the tag-cloud type buisness card is catching on. This is the third card i've seen that's tag-cloud like.

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