vote walmart.

Walmart. Not just for shopping - but for election education, too. They've setup a section on their website to deliver bipartisan information about the Presidential candidates.

This is a great attempt at providing value for their customers. An attempt at providing fair information for both sides, on a topic that will likely drive traffic and position WalMart as the connector. They've even included links to other parties (other parties??) at the bottom of the page.

The videos themselves are clearly candidate supplied. Obama looks like he taped his in the back room of a Walmart (how about spending some of those Obama bucks on a set?) and McCain's video features almost nothing but stock footage. (Where's that grimace face shot we love so much?)

I like to play both videos at the same time, so it just sounds like the senseless political blather that all television, radio and conversation now sounds like. Thanks Giuli!

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