this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most hellacious creative agency:

In the bummer department, Sara's taking a short leave of absence to battle Lyme Disease. It sucks to see such a horrible thing kicking the ass of someone who just a few weeks ago was kicking ours. Send your good vibes through the intertubes so she'll get well sooner. We can't wait to celebrate her return with loads of cupcakes and goodies.

Haircuts this week: Justus, Chris

Today was a well deserved fun day, after a week of hard work. We have a load of costumes in our office at all times - left over from old photo shoots, promotions and things. There's nothing like sharing the workday with two hot dogs, a giant ice cream cone and a bunny rabbit, among other things.

RJ - dressed as an ice cream cone - took to the downtown streets on our Segway PT, to greet the citizens of our fair town. (Video clip above) If the image of a 6 foot ice cream cone rolling down the street on a Segway isn't interesting...well you have to watch the last 60 seconds of his experience. Hilarious. Let's just say that not everyone likes ice cream.

After lunch today, we created a pumpkin slingshot, setup a target on one of our roof decks, and let the pumpkins fly. This was fun, but we found that nothing smashes pumpkins like a baseball bat. Kind of funny to see the art school kids attempting to hit things with a baseball bat. Big things. Safe to say there won't be a Plaid corporate softball team.

Have a great Halloween weekend! Plaid staffers will be wearing costumes, beating up kids for candy, and toilet papering your neighborhood. Cuz that's how we roll.

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