this week at Plaid

Been a while since we've done a weekly update about what's happening inside our office. We've all been super busy. Here's a first attempt at getting a weekly post going again.

We have a new intern that you haven't met yet, and we'll introduce you to her next week. Her name is Brina. More later.

This was the week of doughnuts. We had a shoot for something that we're working on - one of our creative experiments - that involved a lot of doughnuts. Really a lot. And munchkins. We're all plump and ready for the winter now. If the experiment comes out to our satisfaction, we'll share it with you.

The wild economy has us feeling really weird. Friends are losing jobs, other industries are hurting bad, but things are heading in the right direction at Plaid. New business is through the roof. Social media and internet projects are hot, hot, hot, so we assume that people buy two things in a down economy: booze & internet. We're not complaining, but being cautious, at the same time.

We've scheduled our annual planning meeting, where we take a long weekend, go somewhere fun, and reinvent our agency. We reexamine every aspect of our business, every process, every success and failure - so that we can be even better. Oh - and there's usually a few martinis involved, too. This year's trip will take us to Washington DC. We leave in a couple of weeks. This will be the first year with a larger crew. Fun times ahead!

Next week, I'll be speaking at an AMA event in CT. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by!

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Leigh said...

Check out Cactus Cantina while you're in DC...

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