pasta hut = silly ridiculous idea

There are a lot of people that can't cook. But there's one thing most people are capable of producing without the aid of a microwave oven: pasta. It's pretty difficult to mess up pasta. And even the most inept person can make a pot of pasta and pour some crappy jar sauce on top. THAT'S why pasta delivery is a bad idea. Most people can't make their own pizza. Or Chinese Food. But even I can make pasta.

So what a hoot to learn that Pizza Hut "has rebranded" as Pasta Hut. A cute little promotional campaign for a product that's doomed to fail. If you want plain, nothing-to-write-home-about pasta and sauce, you don't need Pizza Hut. Just stop by my house on a "dad's cooking" night.

From Brad J Ward. (An awesome Twitter buddy, too.)


Anonymous said...

STUPID. I hate the commercials where they go in and deliver the pasta to a restaurant and show patrons gushing about the pasta, only to reveal it has been delivered. What they don't show you is the 82 other people that sent it back to the kitchen because it sucked!

Ben Kunz said...

Darryl, while usually your posts are brilliantly insightful, I heartily disagree. I think the Pasta Hut is an idea whose time has come, and comment the former Pizza Hut for this bold move.

In a time of economic crisis, this move should be expanded to other brands who could benefit from repositioning, too:

General Electric > General Internet (hipper, catch the social media mojo before the bubble bursts)

Wal*mart > Red*mart (refocus on core demo, red state buyers with Ford F150s)

Republicans > Republic-off-your-backs (TELL Americans what you really mean about that bad, obtrusive government!)

Democrats > Canadians (You KNOW that's what they want, those global-warmed socialists.)

Plaid > Tartar (Same idea, Darryl, but with the militarist angle you've been missing.)

Rebranding, away. I'm ordering out for pasta.

Ben Kunz said...

Um, I meant TARTAN. Now you get the joke. Oh, never mind...

Phil Charron said...

Most people can make a sandwich, but there are still sandwich shops - y'know? I get what you're saying, but delivery is about more than just "can you cook it" it's "do you want to deal with cooking it".

That isn't to say this project is going to be successful. Pizza Hut has been diluting their brand for over a decade. This week, they're delivering pasta. Soon, they'll be delivering mulch just in time for Spring Planting.

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