obama art gallery

Cool Hunting features a a roundup of Obama art. And they've only scratched the surface. Regardless of which side of the fence you're on - you have to appreciate the amount of art/user-generated-marketing the Obama name has generated.

This would be a great fundraising event concept. Have Obama art shows in cities across the U.S., and invite multiple Obama artists to show. Better idea: have a political art show, and feature art for and against all candidates - and use it as a fundraiser for some non-profit. Just an idea.


Anonymous said...

Last weekend, a local art center in Chicago held a fundraiser for Obama. If you brought a shirt, artists in the textiles department would screen print your shirt for a donation to the cause. Each design was created by a local, and it gave everyone else the chance to see the screenprinting process.

Definitely not your typical fundraiser. And you can't beat the souvenir.

zachrd99 said...

To pour some gasoline on the fire- check out this great Obama piece.


Anonymous said...

Unique Obama Art / T-shirts / Sneakers available online:

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