men age 18 - 34 really like the internet.

If you're putting together a presentation to convince your boss that your company needs to pour kabillions of dollars into this new internet thingee, today is your lucky day.

Scott Monty reports about a new report that reports loads and loads of numbers for your PowerPoint glory. Like 69% say they can’t live without the Internet. 59% notice online ads (the rest must have poor eyesight.) And 40% use the Internet for more than 22 hours a week.

But wait, there's more. Not just facts and numbers - we've also learned about their personalities: they're conformists. Responsible. Green. And Adventuresome.

Upon hearing the news, coworker Chris gave the details two thumbs up. Awesome.


Scott Monty said...

I hear myself asking, "But, Darryl - is there anything else that this demographic likes more than the Internet? How can I tap into that market?"


Dirk Lemon said...

You know, I put forward the exact opposite argument with clients.

That's because in our experience (and it may be a reflection of the type of brands we work for) talking about the Internet and young guys is what's most likely to get them running for the hills (or at least back to traditional marketing)!

Instead, I try and get across a series of facts, such as:

1 - The most active group on social networks is women aged 18-34

2 - There are more over 50s online than under 18s

3 - Apparently the fastest growing group on MySpace is married women 35+

PR said...

men age 18 - 34 really like porn. :)

Ben Kunz said...

Dirk has some good points, but I think both are right.

1. Young guys dig the internet.

2. And the adoption curve is now reaching mothers with kids and older boomers who are using the social media aspects of online communication to build relationships.

In another example, the average age of video gamers is now 33 -- up from the teens two decades ago. These new media channels creep slowly across society, like a big plague from another planet. Can you feel the wires reaching out to you?

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