meet brina.

Brina is our new intern for the Fall semester, and we've been late in introducing her. We're still kind of getting to know her, which is probably good, because that means that we haven't completely tortured her. Yet.

Here's what we do know:
+ She likes fried dough. That's good - because other than Mexican food - donuts, cupcakes and cookies are the official Plaid food.
+ She has the Cuppycake song as a ringtone. Sara thinks that is awesome. RJ says that if he ever hears it, he's tossing her phone out the window.

She's not yet on Twitter (yeah, I know) so you can't follow her. Best to reach out to any of the other Plaid Twitter users, and ask "have you heard the Cuppycake song today?"


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. x

Anonymous said...

She's the best gal around!...despite her ringtonte taste - Take good care of her :)

Dirk Lemon said...

Our supply of US interns has dried up...think it's the high price of coming over here and all that!

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