make lists, watch video. who needs to get work done?

SmashLab is an awesome design firm in Vancouver and they're also the creators of wondertool MakeFive. Make five is the most massive collection of top five lists in all of the universe. You can explore, comment, or join in and make your own lists. It's an entire community based on lists.

If that wasn't enough to keep a bunch of designers busy, they've now launched a video podcast. A vidcast. A video blog post. (Can we just call them videos?).

Marketing geeks: pay attention. This is an awesome example of how to better connect with your community, fans and potential users. Let them meet the people behind the product, get to know you, and feel connected to you. Eric and the gang have created a really fun piece that will have you wishing you worked in Vancouver. At SmashLab. In the meantime, you can make lists.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Darryl,

I just wanted to thank you for making note of the video and site. We're really working hard on it right now and it will improve a great deal over the next couple of weeks!

Great seeing you guys on your Plaidnation tour this summer as well. Hopefully you'll visit again in 2009, and perhaps stick around for long enough to visit the beach with us!



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