how a $50 trade show booth can capture attention

This is how you command attention at a busy trade show, on a small budget. Sure, it's been hammed up a bit for the photo (trade show regulations would never let you spill into the aisle like that), but this is a proof that you don't need a two story tower filled with booth babes and free beer to get noticed.

Best of all, when their show is done, they just make one trip to the recycle bin, and they're ready to go. Creativity wins.


Anonymous said...

What a choice job! "I get to lay here under a pile of boxes all day."

Seriously, tho, great idea. No tables, chairs or anything else. Just flatten and go.

Seriously tho, it is very creative and portrays the kind of "God, I hate dealing with all of this" feelings that people really have about tracking, storing, etc. their inventory.

jovenville said...


TradeShow Expert said...

I wish I thought of it too! This is incredible! Way better than most trade show promotion ideas (which I have a lot of on my blog

Trade Show Supplies said...

Amazing idea... thanks for sharing..

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