gay = cool. that's so gay = not cool.

Since tomorrow is National Coming Out Day, (can't you just come out on any day now?), let's remind friends that it's not cool to say "that's so gay". Think Before You Speak has created a campaign that educates teens on how saying something is gay when you really mean that something is stupid, is wrong.

Nice work, although since I still hear people using the word 'faggot', we probably have a ways to go here. From AdFreak.


Unknown said...

Hmm, I guess I'm still politically incorrect.

Should I stop saying "wussy" or "wimp" as well? Will unstrong men band together and make wimp a bad word as well? Or that spineless man friend of yours that's "whipped".

I guess it's the context with which you use the phrase. If one of my hetrosexual man friends is wearing a feminine shirt I might joke with him and his gayness. Is that an insult to gays? Maybe it's a compliment? Do you think there are gay men saying "that's so straight"?

Who knows but all this political correctness is gay and completely retarded!

Ben Kunz said...

I think people use labels because our instinct is to fight or flee, and we need instant ways to understand things -- right or wrong, black or white, gay or straight, up or down. Take Obama. He's half black, half white, but the media calls him "black." Why? I'm half English, does that make me a Brit? My true ancestors all came from Africa 10,000 years ago -- so am I black, too?

It all probably goes back to the snap decisions our ancestors had to make to throw the spear or run from the tiger. We have great difficulty with nuance, and in fact nuance is dangerous in the ancient days because any pause in decision meant you might be killed ... our little minds need labels to file things into our thoughts. Our cave people ancestors survived because they made snap categorizations and snap judgments.

So "Gay" is a label to say uncool, not me, something else, something bad. Go ahead and use it if you're prepared to throw a spear. But if you don't want to stab someone else, get over it and evolve.

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