finding a job with social media tools

Have a friend who was recently laid off? Help them learn to use social media tools to find their next job.

Nathan Burke just recently found himself in this situation, and has an excellent post on the tools he's using to get himself out there. (Employers: we've read Nathan's blog and been social media friends since forever. He's smart. Employ this guy.)

And the boss could learn something here too. One of the thing's that Nathan has found most helpful? A Ning network that their company setup to help displaced coworkers share tips, job leads and more.

Good luck, Nathan!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Thanks so much for this post!

It's been a crazy turn of events, but it really is amazing how using these tools and networks has helped me in the job hunt so far.

Thanks again for the plug. I really do appreciate it.

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