cigarettes in plain packages

Here's an interesting post about a proposed plan to eliminate all branding from cigarettes. Weird. And strangely reminiscent of the "Generic Brand" consumer products wave of the 1980's.

Even as an aggressive non-smoker - this seems harsh. What if all "bad" products were de-branded? Liquor, BigMacs, Donuts?

Maybe we could put them all together in Bad Stores and there would be Bad Super Centers. Maybe there would even be a Bad Mall. Perhaps Target could open up a Bad division. From Quipsologies.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you on it being harsh. But I think if we picked one product category where this would be appropriate, this would be it.

On another note, I think this generic packaging could be an interesting strategy for a value brand to take on. Think about it - our economy is in the shitter, and people care about value more than ever. What better way to make that statement than to ditch the fancy branding and product packaging design.

Maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but I'd like to see someone take a chance and try it.

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