this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most hellacious creative agency:

In the bummer department, Sara's taking a short leave of absence to battle Lyme Disease. It sucks to see such a horrible thing kicking the ass of someone who just a few weeks ago was kicking ours. Send your good vibes through the intertubes so she'll get well sooner. We can't wait to celebrate her return with loads of cupcakes and goodies.

Haircuts this week: Justus, Chris

Today was a well deserved fun day, after a week of hard work. We have a load of costumes in our office at all times - left over from old photo shoots, promotions and things. There's nothing like sharing the workday with two hot dogs, a giant ice cream cone and a bunny rabbit, among other things.

RJ - dressed as an ice cream cone - took to the downtown streets on our Segway PT, to greet the citizens of our fair town. (Video clip above) If the image of a 6 foot ice cream cone rolling down the street on a Segway isn't interesting...well you have to watch the last 60 seconds of his experience. Hilarious. Let's just say that not everyone likes ice cream.

After lunch today, we created a pumpkin slingshot, setup a target on one of our roof decks, and let the pumpkins fly. This was fun, but we found that nothing smashes pumpkins like a baseball bat. Kind of funny to see the art school kids attempting to hit things with a baseball bat. Big things. Safe to say there won't be a Plaid corporate softball team.

Have a great Halloween weekend! Plaid staffers will be wearing costumes, beating up kids for candy, and toilet papering your neighborhood. Cuz that's how we roll.

plaid's pumpkin smash '08

After chowing down on too many Halloween themed donuts and too much candy, we decided to smash some pumpkins today. With that dude from Nickelback as our target. (Random, but important to the story, I guess.) Enjoy.

best face painting ever, ever, ever.

This is the most awesome face painting ever in the entire world or universe of face painting. All other face painters should just donate their brushes to Salvation Army and hide their faces in shame. HawHawJames rocks. Thanks, Casey!!

want cool business cards? forget your design firm.

This is the the second best business card in the business. (Brian Shaler keeps the number one spot for best card ever.)

Joe Rib created his new cards with Wordle. And in a glance, you know everything you need to know about Joe.

Here's the thing: Anyone can have fancy designerish business cards. Because even the boring people now hire designers to create their cards. And quite frankly, they all blend in. And a business card isn't about blending in.

What's really cool? Both Brian and Joe's cards didn't require a design firm or ad agency. Yet they say more about the individual than any uber designed card could ever do.

finding a job with social media tools

Have a friend who was recently laid off? Help them learn to use social media tools to find their next job.

Nathan Burke just recently found himself in this situation, and has an excellent post on the tools he's using to get himself out there. (Employers: we've read Nathan's blog and been social media friends since forever. He's smart. Employ this guy.)

And the boss could learn something here too. One of the thing's that Nathan has found most helpful? A Ning network that their company setup to help displaced coworkers share tips, job leads and more.

Good luck, Nathan!

dance in the streets tomorrow in nyc

During Friday's Village Halloween Parage in NYC, hundreds (thousands?) of people will be re-creating that famous scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

They've already got a float and a marching band. They've even invited Matthew Broderick. All they need is you. Want in on the fun? Just email for all of the details. From SwissMiss.

the road is my record

What if you spaced those "rumble strips" along the road in just the right position so that they played songs as cars drove over them? Adverlab has a great post about the invention and making of some famous 'road songs.'

Songs that are made by cutting thousands of little grooves in the pavement that produce a sound when cars drive over them. (So - if you go back and forth real quick, is that scratching? Could you remix roads?) Just wondering.

what if hatevertising existed in 1860?

Cohorts, fellow bloggers and friends MakeTheLogoBigger and Jetpacks got together to create a spot for the Douglas/Lincoln campaign, as if it were produced by the hatevertising producers of today. Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

simpsons now smoking, dressing nice.

MadMen fans will absolutely love this Simpsons version of the MadMen open. Awesomeness. Thanks, Devon!

cigarettes in plain packages

Here's an interesting post about a proposed plan to eliminate all branding from cigarettes. Weird. And strangely reminiscent of the "Generic Brand" consumer products wave of the 1980's.

Even as an aggressive non-smoker - this seems harsh. What if all "bad" products were de-branded? Liquor, BigMacs, Donuts?

Maybe we could put them all together in Bad Stores and there would be Bad Super Centers. Maybe there would even be a Bad Mall. Perhaps Target could open up a Bad division. From Quipsologies.

video your vote

In a meeting with another agency yesterday, we were lol'ing about how every brand wants a promotion that asks users to upload video of themselves. And how these promotions have become so ubiquitous that many are invisible.

So it's cool to see PBS ask their viewers to video tape the election...not just because you distrust that your vote would be counted - not just because the system is all screwed up in your town, making it difficult for people to vote - but because PBS is a brand that you believe in, and you want to help them cover the process.

They ask you to participate because of your love of the brand.

"We live in an era where everybody on earth is asking you to submit a video...if you're going to share your thoughts with anybody, this is the place."

From the ever fabulous, Moda di Magno Blog for Stylish Living.

watch where you step

Aakash Nihalini has a fresh approach to street art. He sees (and shows) dimension in places that you least expect it. I love that his work looks like it's done mostly in tape. Harmless to property, enjoyed by all.

Imagine an entire block realized as a keyboard, to promote a technology company. So many possibilities. From Josh Spear

giant strawberry pinata gets ready to burst

There's a billboard in New Zealand that has a balloon filled with Fruit Chews. And it's dangerously close to a super giant thumb tack. Each day, the balloon fills with more air, and sooner or later it will pop.

What's fun is that you can watch the whole event on the live webcam. And even go back in the timeline to watch the balloon's progression. What's more fun is thinking about the poor dude who parks his car under the board on the right/wrong day and loses a windshield to 600 pounds of candy.

window shopping: now fun online, too

Amazon just launched a pretty sweet new experiment - window shopping. Scroll around and sample books, games, music and more. When they launch this for sneakers, there will be shopping to do. From Gizmodo.

people in france don't wear shirts to class

Amazing: 140 people pulled off a lip dub version of Thriller. In ONE take. Just in time for Halloween. Oh yeah - and it appears that in France, students go right from gym class to lectures.

what it's like to be a naked sushi model

Maybe your kids have asked: "Mommy, what's it like to be a naked sushi model?"

Now you can answer the question, thanks to Confessions of a Naked Sushi Model from Vanity Fair.

link anywhere in a youtube video

YouTube just launched a very interesting new feature. The ability to link to specific points in a timeline of a video. Sure, that's awesome when you want to send your friend an important video, and link to the very moment of importance.

But this has got some neat promotional aspects too. What about contests that link to specific parts of videos that allow users to complete a puzzle? Loads of ideas. TechCrunch has all the details on how to do this.

location based social networking just got better

BrightKite, the location based social network just launched two handy new features: a wall that allows you to monitor anything happening around a specific place or event (this opens up some really cool promotional opportunities), and an iPhone application!

Check it out. Unless your life is like mine, and your BrightKite stream would read:
Home, breakfast
Office, lunch
Home, dinner

But your brand is more exciting than that. What events could you be sharing, or pulling people together for, or connecting in new ways? Where are you??

everything's changing and design is important

Not only is this a most beautious presentation, it's right on the mark, too. Nice work by Chris Wilson and the crew at Hester Designs.

people in detroit get bizarre

Charlie from Curve tells us that their agency got to check out a behind the scenes tour of Theatre Bizarre! - the most hellacious looking Halloween type event ever. Reason to consider a move to Michigan. Or at least going there for a visit.

Check out the QuickTime VR tour, too. Definitely one of the killerest environmental designs ever. Thanks Charlie!

in a world of only black and white...

What if everything were just black and white, and you needed a paint gun to find your way? This is probably a question that you ask yourself everyday. Now you'll know the answer. From SwissMiss

this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most delicious creative agency:

Sara made it back to the a wheel chair! Everyone wanted to race her, put her through obstacle courses and such - but it turns out that she's still tough enough to kick any of our asses. We did learn about the age old mystery of why people in wheelchairs always have a blanket on their legs. Send your anti-Lyme Disease vibes her way, for a speedy recovery.

Loads and loads and loads of wire frames, strategies, concepts and coding going on. Lots of keyboard typing and mouse clicking and not as much goofing around this week. (We assume that clients will be pleased about this.)

Wisdom teeth removed this week: Matt

We haven't yet figured out what our Halloween office activity will be for next week. Last year, we had a pumpkin carving contest, and threw some off the roof. Your ideas are welcome.

This weekend Plaid staffers will be sleeping late, staying warm, and working on Halloween costumes.

blog while you lay a log

At first, it seemed like this might be a 'blog from the bathroom' event. Maybe you thought "hooray, that's the one place I don't usually get to blog from" but upon closer inspection, it appears that the Bathroom Blogfest is actually blogging ABOUT bathrooms.

It's true that bathrooms are often forgotten about, in need of attention, and not thought of as relating to the customer experience. But of course they do. Career consultants have been telling interview candidates to visit potential employer bathrooms for years. A bathroom will tell you lots about a workplace, a retailer or a restaurant.

Who knew there was a bathroom meme? The event kicks off Sunday, in bathrooms across the globe. Feel free to share your best, the worst or the scariest customer bathroom experiences. Or just sit on the pot and watch. From Christine, via Facebook.

stickers on cars are harder to find

The Chicago Tribune just noticed that people don't really use bumper stickers on their cars any more.

So rather than be entertained by the story of the car in front of you while in traffic, you'll have to entertain yourself. Perhaps texting, or watching a DVD will suffice.

meeting rooms, 2.0 style

The boutique hotel concept has finally arrived in the event planning industry. Meet at the Apartment is a new concept in corporate meeting space. Highly designed, ultra cool, uber hip meeting space that you rent on an as needed basis.

Awesome for brainstorms, client meetings in NYC when your office is in Toldeo, or a fun off-site location. But they don't come cheap.

These aren't likely to replace the "let's meet at Starbucks" crowd, at a flat rate of $5,000 to $10,000 per day. Yes, this includes staffing (concierge, server and on-call A/V tech), audio-visual components, meeting facilitation supplies and unlimited beverages and snacks. Mmmmm. Awesome idea for a small conference or series of meetings. From Springwise.

opie and richie say go obama

It's awesome when big time celebrities take time out of their schedules for political messages. Ron Howard believes it's so important that you vote for Obama that he's willing to dress up like Opie and Richie Cunningham to get his point across. While the conceptual idea is better than the production, this is still worthy of a watch. If nothing else, you'll get to see Ron Howard remove his hat.

We tried to keep all things fair, and find an equally funny video supporting McCain - but couldn't. So we'll link to another piece where McCain calls Obama a terrorist. Hilarious.

event blogging done well

JetBlue opened their long-awaited T5 terminal at JFK this week, and they're sharing the event in a T5 blog. This is a fantastic example of a short-term blog (we assume) that accurately captures an event, shares the details while promoting the brand.

Proof that blogging is still a wonderful promotional tool - short term or long term. What could you be sharing?

everything's cute with puppies

With puppies and kittens, you could finally tell the kids that Grandma is no longer here. Cute cards for the most difficult circumstances.

You can customize them to add your own details. It's a shame that there's only a handful of subjects, and that you can't customize the front of the cards. How else will you tell the kids that mom's a hooker? From YesButNoButYes.

like schoolhouse rock. but without all of the singing.

Confused by the crazy electoral system? About the importance of states versus the popular vote? The Center for Governmental Studies has produced a fun video that explains it all, by comparing it to something you can understand: The corporate workplace. From Make the Logo Bigger.

mmmm. animatronic hot dogs.

You've probably heard some hoopla about a new exhibit by street artist Banksy titled The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. This is a complete departure from his normal work. It's animatronic. And delicious.

Now NOTCOT has commissioned a hi-def video documenting the experience. So that you can enjoy the goodness from the safety of your home or cube. If you're near NYC, hurry - the show ends on October 31.

freakiest food package design. ever.

Some package designer spent too much time watching the last scene in The Fly as a kid. Either that, or Cascadian Farm broccoli is made from tiny shrunken heads.

If you can't see the detail in the shot above, then click through to Bread and Honey for the close ups. They should rename it freaccoli. I've got to have some of this. From Caffeine Goddess, via Twitter.

mom has roaches.

Joshua Hoffine has some of the most stunning creepy photography. The set design is as wonderous as the photography. Wouldn't it be cool to hire him to do a corporate shoot??

no palin costumes allowed

Coudal Partners points to a good party policy: no lame Palin costumes. Clearly, she's got the top of the charts on topical pop culture - but really - it's not original. If you're having a Halloween party, perhaps you should consider the same. Download the poster/flyer here. No lame Palins!

batman predicts election?

This is freaky weird. One of the greatest television shows of all time, Batman - foreshadowed events in the current election.

In a debate between the Penguin and Batman, the Penguin promises "no mudslinging" and then goes on to slam Batman with "who is Batman?" and talks about the types of criminals that Batman pals around with.

Perhaps this is a reflection on just how silly political campaigning has become. Or maybe we should ask Obama and McCain to debate in costume. Thanks, Matt!

arm yourself. your coworkers are dangerous.

Isn't it time you finally got revenge on the buttface who took credit for your idea in the last staff meeting? Thanks to OfficeGuns, now you can. Learn how to make seriously dangerous weapons out of standard office materials.

We suggest that damaging cubicles, copy machines and productivity displays would be more appropriate than shooting other humans. Better yet, take the "inspirational poster" from the employee lunch room, and set it up outside for safe target shooting.

If you don't believe that it's dangerous, check out the penetration test pictured above. Yes, that's a pen cap a few inches deep into CSI-type ballistics gel.

smack that ass.

Mmmm. Tasty. Nothing says hamburger topping like a good smack on the ass. And if you're a retailer of fetish-wear, what a great way to get in front of your potential customers. When they're smacking red on their fries at the pub. Fun for the whole family.

Shout out to our friend Ben, who must have been Googling "ass spanking" to find this link. Thanks, Ben!

how ed mcmahon rolls.

You've got to love Ed McMahon, rolling around in his velour track suit, laying down rhymes like only a broke old guy can. Classy.

vote walmart.

Walmart. Not just for shopping - but for election education, too. They've setup a section on their website to deliver bipartisan information about the Presidential candidates.

This is a great attempt at providing value for their customers. An attempt at providing fair information for both sides, on a topic that will likely drive traffic and position WalMart as the connector. They've even included links to other parties (other parties??) at the bottom of the page.

The videos themselves are clearly candidate supplied. Obama looks like he taped his in the back room of a Walmart (how about spending some of those Obama bucks on a set?) and McCain's video features almost nothing but stock footage. (Where's that grimace face shot we love so much?)

I like to play both videos at the same time, so it just sounds like the senseless political blather that all television, radio and conversation now sounds like. Thanks Giuli!

mmmm. donuts.

By now you've seen the Dunkin Donuts ads, banners and outdoor efforts touting that they've beat Starbucks on coffee. They've set up a campaign site to deliver the details.

What's cool: No overthinking here. Simple, to the point and well designed. (I also like that the donuts don't cost $1.79 each at Dunkin.)

From the Caffeine Goddess (who definitely knows her caffeine), via Twitter.

what 1700 people can do with glow sticks

This is an awesome idea. An urban version of Capture the Flag that takes place in the financial district of Toronto. With glowsticks to identify teams. Why should Toronto have all of the fun? You can have an awesome Capture the Flag game with just 20 people. In your city. Why not an agency against agency game? Or a branded version?

second life. ready for its second life.

Now that we can't afford to heat our homes, gas our cars or pay our mortgages, we'll be looking for low budget alternatives. And in Second Life, you can live like Warren Buffett. Herd has a bunch of evidence that this could very well become a reality, as people look for things to do with their unemployed selves.

Marketers: this time, let's be smart and invest with an understanding of what you're buying, and with a goal of creating value in a community. Deal?

let's get literal.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Literal videos are hot. It started with the literal version of A-Ha's glorious 80's tune.

Now there's a literal version of the Tears for Fears video. It's officially a meme. Which means that it's ripe for interpretation and modification. What else could we do literal versions of? Other videos? Trailers from movies? Bad commercials? This will be guaranteed fun.

totally underground agency space

Looking for a hot space for your London agency, and have lots of dough to spare? Buy the Kingsway Tunnels. A series of tunnels underneath London that were built for the cold war and pretty much out of use ever since. Now they're for sale. Would make for some sweet office space.

this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most awesome creative agency:

We're knee deep into some ground breaking interactive work for Umphrey's McGee. The band played three shows in NYC, so David and I checked out one of their nights at the Blender Theater. You can see David hugging their drummer, above. Lots of backstage love all around.

Sara is battling a horrific case of Lyme Disease. This is something that many of us have been touched by in our personal lives, but none have experienced at the level that Sara's dealing with. She's currently rockin' a wheelchair like no wheelchair has ever been rocked.

In the process, we discovered what looks to be an amazing independent film on the subject - Under Our Skin. Watch the trailer and you'll get a picture of what Sara's dealing with. Send your best get well vibes.

Haircuts this week: Justus & Matt

We're in holiday preparation mode. Lots of brainstorms (for clients and ourselves) for upcoming holiday greeting "card" concepts.

This weekend will have the crew raking, going to homecomings, and other New Englandy fall-like treats. (Like sleeping late and eating donuts.)

don't park here.

If you're anywhere near NYC this weekend, you'll want to check out Eyebeam. This is a completely unique gallery/cooperative/art experiment that's truly an inspirational place with some amazing and enlightening events throughout the year. This weekend they're having an open studio, so that you can meet the residents, see the place and be inspired.

If that wasn't enough, they're also closing off part of 21st Street to participate in Transportation Alternatives PARK(ing) Redux. Temporarily re-claiming parking spaces for more creative use. Awesomeness.

promo porn: worksafe porn is hot

The hottest new video trend: almost porn. Inspired by porn. Porn covered up to be work safe. Coming soon to a corporate training video at your firm.

ultimate brand love

Account Executive on the Popeye's account? Fast food chains tagging their best work? Words cannot express.

obama wins.

The Web Marketing Association has reviewed both the John McCain and Barack Obama websites, and Obama wins. Hands down.

I wonder if things might have been different, if they included the PalinAsPresident site. Thanks Giuli!

men age 18 - 34 really like the internet.

If you're putting together a presentation to convince your boss that your company needs to pour kabillions of dollars into this new internet thingee, today is your lucky day.

Scott Monty reports about a new report that reports loads and loads of numbers for your PowerPoint glory. Like 69% say they can’t live without the Internet. 59% notice online ads (the rest must have poor eyesight.) And 40% use the Internet for more than 22 hours a week.

But wait, there's more. Not just facts and numbers - we've also learned about their personalities: they're conformists. Responsible. Green. And Adventuresome.

Upon hearing the news, coworker Chris gave the details two thumbs up. Awesome.

yay! more internet money for all!

A new survey shows that as the market continues to implode and we all prepare to wait in line for bread (me, I'll wait in line for donuts, but not bread) we can rejoice because the budgets are moving to interactive.

Just in case you've been in the dark, or needed some fancy numbers like 64% or 81% to put in front of facts, check out this post on Marketing Pilgrim for proof. Marketers are cutting their traditional budgets, and putting money in places where it works really well. Like on the internet.

From MarketingProfs.

people in socal have it too easy

If you live in southern California, you can wear a swimsuit to work. And you can text your coworkers while outdoors in February. But if you're stuck in the northeast, and you want to walk the sidewalks aimlessly, narrowly missing street lights while texting away in the winter, you risk frost bite.

Thankfully, Josh Rubin and his dad have invented Freehands. Gloves with the mobile device user in mind. Genius.

this week in advertising: agency politics now entertaining

AgencySpy has produced an experimental This Week in Advertising video. This is a fun idea - making boring industry politics fun and entertaining.

If you don't have time to watch it, just realize that some people left agencies, some people joined agencies, someone lied and cheated, and someone did something ridiculously stupid. (Just like last week.) From Adrants.

i read the greatest building the other day

Even though everyone and their brother apparently has a library card, you don't need to read things in big heavy books anymore. Sure, ipods and Kindle are awesome, but the really cool people read buildings.

And if you're into the whole reading buildings instead of books movement, then you'll love the latest Diesel effort. After the massive success of their "safe for work porn" (safe depends on how your company draws the line), now they're projecting stories on buildings. That you read. Without pictures. Hmmm.

if you plan on being dead this weekend in nyc

ZombieCon, the annual festival of zombieness hits NYC on Saturday. Sign up for text alerts (yes, the dead still text) and find out where the coolest zombies are congregating. Go shopping, go pub crawling, all while keeping your eyes open for brains to eat. An awesome dead time for the whole family.

Photo by Ruth Arnold

are you working 2.0 style?

Zen Habits has a fun breakdown showing the difference between the workplace 2.0 and workplace 1.0. And by 1.0, they probably mean the workplace of a couple of years ago, not a bunch of years ago, like MadMen. If the 1980's were workplace 1.0, then the MadMen must have been workplace .50, Beta.

Which means that when we move to workplace 2.5, we'll probably combine 2.0 habits with .5 habits. So if you're an early adopter, you should be drinking whiskey and smoking right now, while working with deep focus. Or something like that.

pasta hut = silly ridiculous idea

There are a lot of people that can't cook. But there's one thing most people are capable of producing without the aid of a microwave oven: pasta. It's pretty difficult to mess up pasta. And even the most inept person can make a pot of pasta and pour some crappy jar sauce on top. THAT'S why pasta delivery is a bad idea. Most people can't make their own pizza. Or Chinese Food. But even I can make pasta.

So what a hoot to learn that Pizza Hut "has rebranded" as Pasta Hut. A cute little promotional campaign for a product that's doomed to fail. If you want plain, nothing-to-write-home-about pasta and sauce, you don't need Pizza Hut. Just stop by my house on a "dad's cooking" night.

From Brad J Ward. (An awesome Twitter buddy, too.)

what now for weird al?

The Catch Up Lady chats about a recent Wired article on Weird Al Yankovic. And how his act is now done by teenagers on YouTube from the safety of their living rooms. He perfected the music video parody, and then the internet gave us all the means to produce them on our own.

Catch Up Lady has a couple of ideas on how Weird Al could own social media. I've got a feeling that Weird Al isn't so worried. But I like that his name is only a misspelling away from Wired Al. That should be his new thing.

hooray for design

Brandon writes an excellent post on Make Design, Not War on how important design is for brands during this economic crisis. That is, if there still is an economic crisis (didn't they turn that thing off yesterday?)

Donuts have absolutely nothing at all to do with this post, but I thought you deserved a yummy image to kick start your morning. Enjoy. From FoundryDesign, via Twitter

how a $50 trade show booth can capture attention

This is how you command attention at a busy trade show, on a small budget. Sure, it's been hammed up a bit for the photo (trade show regulations would never let you spill into the aisle like that), but this is a proof that you don't need a two story tower filled with booth babes and free beer to get noticed.

Best of all, when their show is done, they just make one trip to the recycle bin, and they're ready to go. Creativity wins.

album covers, remixed

An entire art show devoted to the reworking/mashup of existing album covers. Genius. Let's buy them all, and start a museum.

(This would be the most awesome series of ads, ever.)

vote for breakfast

Nothing says breakfast like a bowl full of Obama O's or Cap'n McCain. Mmmmm, delicious. Wonder if the the McCain flavor comes with PalinBerries.

Oh yeah - the effort promotes Air Bed and Breakfast, a "peer to peer" hotel/couch/b&b service. From Quipsologies.

twitter for journalists

Herd points to Reporting On, a Twitter like tool for reporters. You tweet about what you're working on, and anyone with a lead can chime in and help. Across the globe. Even bloggers.

red cups, blue cups we all like coffee cups

7-11 has created a fun way to capitalize on the elections. Obama and McCain coffee cups, and the 7 Election. You get caffeinated, while drinking from the cup that suits who you'd vote for. They track the results. They claim to have accurately predicted the last few elections.

So far, it looks like only people in West Virginia and New Hampshire are drinking the McCain flavor. Although it looks like they don't have 7-11 in Ohio, which would really be helpful. From Orange Element Insights.

this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the greatest creative agency in all of the land:

We're buried in a bunch of really awesome work. We're creating 2009 season branding for the Westport Playhouse, working on package design and some truly innovative marketing for Umphrey's McGee, rebranding a line of product for Timex, making SegwaySocial even more awesome, doing some video work for Ustream, and we've just begun work for an inspirational non-profit, Christel House.

And there's other stuff that I've either forgotten about for now, or that's top secret. Needless to say, there's not a lot of downtime, and we're seriously stoked on the brands that we get to work with.

Some virus hit our office, and knocked us down. Not the computer kind - but the human kind. Brina, Chris and Steph all got knocked out a bit. David, who is known for his addiction to anti-bacterial handwash, remains un-infected. Justus could kick virus ass, so it stays away from him. Sara is battling a brutal case of Lyme Disease. We'll be looking forward to some good health in coming weeks. :)

Haircuts this week: RJ and Darryl.

I had the pleasure of speaking to a Connecticut chapter of the American Marketing Association, about social media. (See some of the crowd, above.) Always a blast to share the love and the tools for what fuels us.

meet brina.

Brina is our new intern for the Fall semester, and we've been late in introducing her. We're still kind of getting to know her, which is probably good, because that means that we haven't completely tortured her. Yet.

Here's what we do know:
+ She likes fried dough. That's good - because other than Mexican food - donuts, cupcakes and cookies are the official Plaid food.
+ She has the Cuppycake song as a ringtone. Sara thinks that is awesome. RJ says that if he ever hears it, he's tossing her phone out the window.

She's not yet on Twitter (yeah, I know) so you can't follow her. Best to reach out to any of the other Plaid Twitter users, and ask "have you heard the Cuppycake song today?"

that building is alive

Check out the building projection that artist Pablo Valbuena created as part of the TodaysArt festival in the Netherlands. From mikearauz, via Twitter.

gay = cool. that's so gay = not cool.

Since tomorrow is National Coming Out Day, (can't you just come out on any day now?), let's remind friends that it's not cool to say "that's so gay". Think Before You Speak has created a campaign that educates teens on how saying something is gay when you really mean that something is stupid, is wrong.

Nice work, although since I still hear people using the word 'faggot', we probably have a ways to go here. From AdFreak.

what happens to obama art, if he wins?

Obama has inspired obamaloads of work from independent artists. So, what happens if he wins?

If he loses the election, his art will live on as a remembrance of what could have been. Hope that didn't manifest itself. The art would retain all of the emotional value that it holds today.

But what if he wins? Six months, twelve months into his term - will people still view his artwork as the inspiration that it is today? JFK crossed into the pop culture icon territory. While he was President. Families proudly hung his photo in their homes.

So...if you're hanging a Hope poster in your apartment today, would it still hang a year from now if Obama is President? Is it possible for a President to cross over to pop culture icon...again?

meet mari: your facebook coach.

There are football coaches. Life coaches. And now, there's a Facebook coach. Mari Smith is a Facebook freak, and she'll teach you everything you need to know about incorporating Facebook into your marketing plan.

This is a cool idea. Lots of business people remain confused about the value of Facebook, Twitter and other social tools. Why not have coaches guide them through the process?

Check out her blog (loaded with tips and tricks), and you can follow her on Twitter, too. If you still read paper based media, she's even got a book. Do you think she carries a whistle?

make lists, watch video. who needs to get work done?

SmashLab is an awesome design firm in Vancouver and they're also the creators of wondertool MakeFive. Make five is the most massive collection of top five lists in all of the universe. You can explore, comment, or join in and make your own lists. It's an entire community based on lists.

If that wasn't enough to keep a bunch of designers busy, they've now launched a video podcast. A vidcast. A video blog post. (Can we just call them videos?).

Marketing geeks: pay attention. This is an awesome example of how to better connect with your community, fans and potential users. Let them meet the people behind the product, get to know you, and feel connected to you. Eric and the gang have created a really fun piece that will have you wishing you worked in Vancouver. At SmashLab. In the meantime, you can make lists.

girls: pay attention to this old woman

Since girls no longer have role models available to them in Hollywood or celebrity culture, they could get confused. Not to worry. Because Sharon Osbourne is here to save the day. She's here to teach your daughter important life lessons. Like that it's not ok to get drunk and show everyone your hoohoo. Or to drink a bunch of tequila and act like a pirate. (what's the harm in that one?)

The new show is called Charm School, airing on VH-1. (For those teen girls that still watch tv.) Should be a hoot. From Adrants.

barack obama's lonely hearts club band

Not since Che Guevara has a politician generated this much user generated pop culture art. Here's another wonderful piece of Obama art, this one speed painted by Mike Cuffe. Watch it's creation in the video clip above, or see the completed work here.
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